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There is no doubt that a whole lot of money will be spent on providing rescue and relief for the typhoon victims, and also for the rebuilding and reconstruction following the damage caused by the floods brought by Ketsana Ondoy and the other damage brought by Parma Pepeng. The disaster has certainly brought about much concern from all over the world, which resulted in an outpouring of assistance in order to provide aid to these typhoon victims. In the Philippines alone, there was a multitude of support to get the wheels of assistance turning. Several foundations, non-government organizations NGOs and those in the private sector gathered donations in cash and in kind to provide aid for those who were victimized by the floods and were forced to be displaced from their homes. Medicines and basic necessities, such as food, water, clothing and toiletries were gathered and distributed at evacuation centers. Of course, a lot of money was also raised through donations both from the Philippines and from the international community. When funds are donated from the local and international community,to whom is the check addressed to? Where are these funds kept and who is in charge of the disbursement of these funds?

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Early life[ edit ] Sharon was born to Pablo Cuneta , a former Mayor of Pasay who was the longest-serving mayor in the Philippines from to , and Elaine Gamboa — , a sister of actress and singer Helen Gamboa. Cuneta during her early years made her first TV appearance in Ike Lozada ‘s show, in the Bulilit portion, where she mimicked songs of her aunt, Helen Gamboa.

Cuneta was just as young when she appeared in her first movie, the Rosanna Ortiz – George Estregan starrer Lovers for Hire. She played one of Roderick Paulate ‘s playmates. One of the guests in the party was TV host and comedian, Tito Sotto , the husband of her aunt Helen Gamboa and Vicor Music’ vice president at that time.

Sotto invited Cuneta to make a record for his label.

Josie (Vilma Santos) return to Manila after working as a Domestic Helper in Hong Kong for ten years. Her beloved husband, Rudy (Joel Torre), who died five years ago, was good-natured, loving and.

Who is Bienvenido Santos? At thetime, the Philippines was a colony of the United States, and thelanguage of instruction at the school Santos attended was English. Santos graduated from the University o…f the Philippines in andbecame an elementary and high school teacher. He began publishinghis short stories in English at this time. When he left for Americain September as a scholar of the Philippine Commonwealthgovernment, Santos was an established writer in the Philippines. Heenrolled at the University of Illinois in the master’s program inEnglish, graduating in Meanwhile, the United States hadentered World War II, and Santos was unable to return to thePhilippines, where his wife Beatriz, whom he had married in ,and their three daughters lived they later had a son.

In the summer of , Santos studied at Columbia University. From to , Santos was a public relations officer at the Embassyof the Philippines in Washington, D. In , Santos had hisfirst fiction published in America, the short story “EarlyHarvest,” which appeared in the magazine Story. Afterstudying at Harvard in and , Santos returned home to thePhilippines, where he became professor and vice-president atLegazpi College now Aquinas University in Legazpi City. It wasduring this period that he published two collections, You LovelyPeople short stories, and The Wounded Stag: He remained atthe University of Iowa for three years.

“LOOK: Carlo Aquino may biglaang reunion kay Vilma Santos”

Early life[ edit ] Aga Muhlach was born at 2: He is one of 9 children, including three sisters: Arlene, Almira and Andrea and 5 brothers: Aj , Andrew, Anton, Aaron and Albert.

In truth, in a move that demonstrates how showbiz trumps history, Recto – grandson of nationalist Claro M. Recto – even ditched his surname and campaigned as Mr. Vilma Santos for greater name recall.

Unnamed surface world parents identified as Lucia and Tonio on the TV series ; Banak mermaid who adopted Dyesebel ; Fredo the man Dyesebel falls in love with and eventually marries Aliases: Mermaid, able to live on or under the sea. Dyesebel is unique among the merfolk for she is the only mermaid born of human parents from the surface world. A mermaid from birth, she is shunned by the superstitious due to her physical form.

After her father is killed by an angry, superstitious mob, Dyesebel is taken to the ocean by her mother where she is sent into exile since her chances for survival are greater there than on land. The young girl-mermaid is found by Banak who adopts her and takes her to their kingdom where she is welcomed into their community. Years later, a jealous mermaid named Dyangga makes Dyesebel’s life miserable among the denizens of the sea which leads Dyesebel to try returning to the surface world.

She meets a kind, handsome young man named Fredo who falls in love with her and protects her, but the she is kidnapped by Fredo’s jealous former girlfriend’s new boyfriend and displayed at the circus. She is subsequently rescued by Fredo and is brought back to the ocean where she is again told that although Fredo doesn’t want to see Dyesebel go, he’d rather let her go than see her hurt by evil men on the surface world. This time around, Dyesebel returns with a magic conchshell that transforms her into a full human form and returns to Fredo where they marry.

LOOK: Carlo Aquino may biglaang reunion kay Vilma Santos

Yan malinaw na ba? Author — Elyra Cristina Napakaganda ni karla Estrada nung kabataan nya. E search nyo, mas maganda pa sya kay kristine hermosa, kahit gandang ganda pa ako kay kristine hermosa until now. Sayang lang si karla, hindi senwerte sa pag-ibig. Pero oki lang yan karla, npkganda ng inyong mga anak at npkswerte mo kay daniel.

Feb 25,  · Owns the HIGHEST Rated Soap Opera in the Philippine TV. Also by the Philippines’ Soap Opera Queen Judy Ann Santos, “Esperanza” was the highest rated soap opera in the Philippine TV history, garnering 58% in Mega Manila and % in National Urban TAM ratings (NUTAM).

In far too many cases even, celebrities themselves have been voted into public office with little to show beyond their showbiz credentials. Magazine editor in chief Jo-Ann Maglipon: This in turn seems to be the result of a multiparty system that has failed to encourage the development of unique policies and ideas, and has instead degenerated into a mindless free-for-all for votes and not much else every three years.

And as pointed out by Maglipon, the easiest way to achieve high awareness and recall is to tap a celebrity for an endorsement. Polls big business for showbiz endorsers THIS HAS become one star-studded election season, but few are under the delusion that artistas have suddenly been seized by profound political or social consciousness. She also says that in general, it is the politicians who seek endorsement from celebrities and not celebrities who go out of their way to voluntarily recommend politicians to voters.

She can sell anything to the public — from burgers to milk to movies. Recto, meanwhile, had already served nine years at the House of Representatives before gunning for a Senate seat.

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LP stalwarts did not reveal though whose idea was it to publicly give Roxas… false hopes. Based on official tally though, Mar Roxas is losing the vice presidential race to Jejomar Binay. Roxas and the Liberal Party are shocked.

Ayon sa kuwento sa naging pagkikita nina Carlo at Vilma, napadaan lang sa dressing room ng kongresista ang aktor para magbigay pugay sa kanyang itinuturing na ina sa showbiz. Gaya ng maraming ina, proud na proud din si Ate Vi sa narating ng dating child star at .

Onpu Segawa was a wildly popular preteen Idol Singer whose successful career is constantly shown throughout the series. The Light Novel that takes place when the characters are in high school reveal that she now has trouble securing acting roles because she can’t break away from her child star image. Onpu’s mother and manager Mio was this close to become a child star, but suffered an accident in an audition and couldn’t go further.

That led her to become Onpu’s Stage Mom. Now that he’s a teenager, he’s not proud of it and goes That Man Is Dead whenever anybody recognizes him and tries to talk to him about it. Comic Books Runaways features a group of former teen superheroes called Excelsior. Most of its members have essentially become the superhero equivalent of this trope, but special mention goes to Julie Power, who tried — and utterly failed — to parlay her status as a former member of Power Pack into an acting career.

Happily, she later came out as bisexual, got her act together, became a teaching assistant at Avengers Academy , and is now dating Karolina Dean. The rest of Excelsior has faded into even further obscurity. One of the members of The Order , California’s Initiative team, was a former child country star, with much of the attendant mental baggage. Fan Fiction is a Creepypasta that features a former “child star” who isn’t quite what she seems. As a baby he was the mascot of the town sardine cannery and has spent his entire life trading on his fame, down to wearing a diaper underneath his clothes.

The antagonist in Despicable Me 3 , Balthazar Bratt, grew up to be obsessed with the character he played on TV in the ’80s. As such, he moves and dresses like Michael Jackson , and his weapons mostly consist of modified ’80s items, like exploding Rubik’s cubes and wads of bubblegum that can trap whoever steps on them.

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Vilma Santos Played Darna in: , , , and For the first time, teenaged Darna and Narda were played by the same actress, she had to swallow the magic stone every time she needed to transform, and “Ding, ang bato!”.

Amor Y Muerte — A period film that takes an interesting look at the Filipino-Spanish relationship during the early stages of the Spanish colonization, it examines the inherent conflicts that characterize the interaction: Erotic and visually enticing, it puts forth a bold representation of native women as horny and carnal. Coherently scripted, the film boasts crisp dialogues and a brilliant ensemble cast.

Porno is a graphic feast, but the central theme of pornography is lost. The film endeavors to tell three-four stories but fails to piece them all together with a linchpin that should have been anchored on its title. The last episode is awkward and unrelated to the other episodes. A woman, hours before her wedding, is reminded by a videographer of her one true love, and undergoes a turmoil that threatens to disrupt the ceremony. Liars has good intentions, but the script needs a little more tightening and the direction needs more inspiration.

The story is set in , but the journalist Alessandra de Rossi is using a touch-screen smartphone. Ekstra and Amor Y Muerte Ekstra has a coherent script, competently executed by its director, and brilliantly acted by its cast. And it has a message to say. Jeffrey Jeturian Ekstra , Adolfo B.

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