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Centro boss Glenn Rufrano in The Glen shopping centre. James Davies For octogenarian Mr Pask, who started his empire in the s in the dry cleaning business, the Kingston Links site marks a return to the first Victorian suburb he invested in, 18 years ago. Mr LaManna, meanwhile, who still controls a property portfolio, has established a fresh food market in a historic former hangar at Essendon Fields.

There is disability access to this venue and parking available in front of the venue, or on the main street.

An analysis of pollen and charcoal provides evidence of people using fire to clear land in the Lake George basin in the Southern Tablelands of NSW. Ancient camp sites and human remains dated to this time have been found in the area of Lake Mungo south-western NSW. Archaeological evidence identifying this date were found in two north Australian sites Nauwalabila and Malakunanja located about kms east of Darwin in the Northern Territory.

These are the earliest dated petroglyphs 35, years ago: Aborigines are thought to have reached Tasmania by this time. Archaeological evidence suggests Aboriginal people were living at the Keilor site 20 kms north-west of Melbourne in Victoria. The cave was occupied from this time until 6, BP. Archaeological evidence of bones found in sediment at the Willandra Lakes Region of far western NSW date back to this time.

The body of a woman from Lake Mungo provides the earliest evidence in the world of ritual cremation. The body is prepared with ochre before cremation. This is one of the earliest known burials of a distinctly modern people evidenced by signs of spiritual and creative life, including technology linked to much later Aboriginal culture. An ancient occupation site identified at Wentworth Falls.

How to get from Gympie to Atherton by bus, plane, train or car

Each broadcasts television services in digital format, with analogue transmissions having been deactivated on 6 December Southern Cross Austereo has offices in the city with short local news updates airing on Channel 9 throughout the day, presented from studios in Canberra. Transport[ edit ] There is a suburban bus service operated by Bus Queensland Toowoomba throughout the city.

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Spiders, earthquakes, bears, hurricanes, and sharks all provide ample fodder for our nightmares. But botanical life rarely gets its dues for being scary, despite the fact that there are plants that kill, sting, poison and just chill in the woods looking creepy. Hollywood should get on it next horror movie season — The Happening isn’t going to cut it. These plants will have you feeling a little less safe next time you venture outdoors. Bleeding Tooth Fungus Hydnellum Peckii Ever wondered what it would be like if the shower curtain from Psycho grew in the forest?

Look no further than the bleeding tooth fungus. True to its name, the young fruit of this fungus “bleeds” a bright red fluid.

Under their skins: how one man exposed Ku Klux Klan

Fitting of the continents How Antarctica became frozen Is our earth hollow? The Lost Book of Enki

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Any parent out there will tell you that nothing compares to watching your children do things for the first time. First steps, first words, first haircut. It truly is amazing. My oldest child is three turning four , and this week he has his first official day of pre-prep. My son seems excited, but my wife and I are not. See what I haven’t told you is that our little cherub has a tendency to be dramatic and can throw down with the best of them.

I’m not talking the odd tantrum here and there. I mean he goes off. Fortunately he is about quality over quantity, and while his tantrums are not that frequent, they are fierce. My wife and I are ninjas when it comes to wangling him. We can execute a mid-tantrum extraction from any shopping centre with ridiculous efficiency. But what happens when we are not there?

No Caption stephen wisbauer Unlike many other kids in his class, our son has not gone through the day care system, and he has no older siblings to model his behaviour on. Apart from the boundaries we set at home, he has never had to conform to any real structure.

5 Evil Plants We Should Probably Get Rid Of

Every part of the tree has been designed — presumably by Mother Nature while she was dating Satan to piss off her parents — to kill humans in the most horrifying ways possible. You don’t get it. Continue Reading Below Advertisement Officially dubbed the “most dangerous tree” by Guinness World Records, the slightest bit of contact with manchineel’s sap leaves its victims covered in blisters, and can even render one blind if it gets in their eyes.

And that’s just the sap.

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In , 3, men died as a result of prostate Today, 8th November we join our colleagues nationally and internationally in Patients with localised foot pain may have x-ray or CT evidence of arthropathy involving multiple joints. Some intermittent numbness is also These molecules enter the body where they emit radiation that travels tiny distances to attack and control cancerous cells.

Established in , Healthy Bones spreads the knowledge of Osteoporosis Bowel Cancer Awareness month which is held throughout Qscan Radiology was announced as one of the finalists in the QIP The WHO aims to maintain a high-profile focus on universal health The event aims to This year alone, 14 million people Here at Qscan we celebrate our contribution to the dynamic and ever advancing Radiology services. Qscan would like to take this time to give thanks to the ongoing support throughout the year from both our patients

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Ideal for both short or long term stays in Gympie it is a great location for a group golfing outing, short or longer term stays or [ Read More ] Self Contained Accommodation — Gympie Looking for Self Contained Accommodation — Gympie Whether keeping fit or just relaxing, Gympie Pines Fairway Villas is the place to be. The modern facilities on-site include: Enjoy watching the wildlife as you breakfast on your balcony, or play a round or two of golf on the beautiful golf course that is right at [ Read More ] Native Wildlife at Gympie Pines Gympie Pines Fairway Villas is a place where guests can enjoy stunning views and the serene park-like surrounds of the Gympie Pines Golf Course.

Beautiful, modern accommodation in either 1,2,3 or 4 bedroom villas with a variety of floor configurations to suit your needs. Situated within the Gympie Pines Golf Course, you can enjoy 9 or 18 holes on a fantastic course. Our villas offer accommodation for families, singles, couples and corporate guests in either fully furnished, self contained villas and apartments, or, if you prefer, 2 and 3 bedroom unfurnished villas are available for lease.

GYMPIE AND THE RAILWAY Presented at the Gympie Heritage Forum May 23 broadly dating from the s to , incorporated a wide range of stylistic influences including the Arts and Crafts movement, Art Gympie’s station appears to be the largest timber passenger station built .

What was an Easter Island head doing in Gympie? The other statues are of a dogs head, and two types of Marsupials. Following is a list of some of the artifacts found in the Gympie District, Queensland Australia. The statue was unearthed in on Mr Dal K. Berrys Wolvi Rd property. The ape is made of conglomerate iron stone and shows a squatting ape figure.

This statuette is badly weathered with age. The Pyramidal structure is foot high and consists of a series of terraces up to 4 feet tall and eight feet across constructed of small and larger lumps of stone.

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