Crystal Castles (2010 album)

Crystal Castles is a Canadian electronic experimental band formed in in Toronto consisting of producer Ethan Kath and vocalist Alice Glass. The duo is known for their chaotic live shows and lo-fi melancholic homemade productions. They released many limited vinyl EPs between and The release was limited to only copies. The album was their first release to chart on the Billboard Hot , and includes their first worldwide charting single, “Not In Love” featuring Robert Smith of The Cure. They re-released the album in as II. The album has received general acclaim and was placed on many top critics lists. Their third album was released on November 12,

Crystal Castles (band)

Enjoy the Courtship Dating AzLyrics!!! They are named after the lyrics “The fate of the world is safe in Crystal Castles” and “Crystal Castles, the source of all power” both from the theme song for She-Ra’s fortress. They are known for their melancholic lo-fi sound and their explosive live shows. Initally the band was a solo project started by Ethan Kath in December

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A tribute to miners and the British Miners’ Strike of A Right to Life or anti-choice song. Inconvenience, interrupting other plans. The schedule had no room for you. A Pro-Choice or abortion rights song. They tell us to get married and have three or four kids Change the diapers, be a good wife But we will decide how many children to bear We’ve got to control our own life Free our sisters, abortion is our right Free our sisters, abortion is our right Kennedy , and Robert Kennedy. Has anybody here seen my old friend John?

Can you tell me where he’s gone? Didn’t you love the things they stood for? Didn’t they try to find some good in you and me? Written in remembrance of a loved one who had passed away.

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It leers over throngs of anxious teenagers. It glows blacklight purple. The electro-punk duo brandish the photo like the Rolling Stones used to waggle their tongue. While in the past Crystal Castles have never shied from deliberate ugliness, their third LP dives deeper into the dark parts of the earth from which music usually helps to distract. Think of city police punching teenage girls full-on in the face. Think of the people who made your computer.

Features Song Lyrics for Crystal Castles’s Crystal Castles album. Includes Album Cover, Release Year, and User Reviews.

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Crystal Castles (album)

They are named after the lyrics “The fate of the world is safe in Crystal Castles” and “Crystal Castles, the source of all power” both from the theme song for She-Ra’s fortress. They are known for their melancholic lo-fi sound and their explosive live shows. Initially the band was a solo project started by Ethan Kath in December

Apr 29,  · Watch video · Official video of Courtship Dating from Crystal Castles taken from the debut album.

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The music exploits two simple ideas: Most songs are built around either or both of these excuses. Hence the ping-pong beat for the anthemic melody of Untrust Us, the pounding beat and frenzied cacophony for the desperate shouting of XXZXCUZX Me, the booming elastic drum-machine and videogame-like synth lines for the dejected litany of Crimewave, the syncopated ballet and shrill tonefest for the wordless Air War , the abrasive and quasi-comic synths for the childish rant of Courtship Dating, etc.

Here the digital hardcore of Alice Practice their debut single of is a reminder of how they used to push the envelope. When they stray away from their standard, the results are disappointing, whether the harmless ambient intermezzo Magic Spells or the melodic mid-tempo ballad Vanished. And, with the exception of the exuberant Black Panther, the last six or so tracks are disposable variations on the old singles.

crystal castles cc stranger things osalrio Magic spells she fell out Ethan Kath edith frances Alice glass crimewave air war courtship dating untrust us.

They cause quite a bit of ruckus with their live shows, and often make good use of strobe lights and whatever unfortunate soul is working security. With anything they do, the reaction is always divisive, though their fanbase cherish them lovingly. They were the subject of some controversy when they were accused of violating Creative Commons licenses, by stealing artwork and samples from other artists. Specifically, a drum sample by Lo-Bat which featured on Insectica and the usage of a black-eyed Madonna as an album cover.

These issues were seemingly resolved when they retitled Insectica to ‘Crystal Castles vs Lo-Bat’, and it soon became apparent that the artist who created the Madonna image was prolonging hostilities as he was benefiting from the exposure — Crystal Castles tried to pay him for the image but he refused to provide them with the necessary details. Their influences include murder, blank looks on girls, and knives.

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Courtship Dating 33 points – added 7 years ago by futuremedia – Vanished 31 points – added 7 years ago by futuremedia – Vietnam Crystal Castles’ album has a lot of short musical interludes. This is one that really stands out and sticks with you long after listening to the album.

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Courtship Dating

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Crystal Castles – Courtship Dating The news of their second LP was announced early December The album was set to be releasedon June 7 but its digital release was rushed to April 23 after the album .

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Crystal Castles – Crimewave