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Email “Eliminating water shortages depends on a global attempt to raise water productivity similar to the effort launched a half-century ago to raise land productivity, an initiative that has nearly tripled the world grain yield per hectare. The severely hot weather that withered crops, dried up rivers, and fueled fires that summer took a massive human toll.

The full magnitude of this quiet catastrophe still remains largely an untold story, as data revealing the continent-wide scale have only slowly become available in the years since.

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ERSG is a violence prevention program for youth who have been exposed to violence. ERSG is a school-based violence prevention program for youth who have been exposed to violence in their home, school, or community. Latent growth curve analyses were conducted using three waves of data from three cross-sectional cohorts of adolescents. Among boys, the number of ERSG sessions attended related to incremental declines in psychological TDV perpetration and victimization, physical TDV victimization, sexual TDV perpetration and victimization, reactive aggression, and proactive aggression.

Girls attending ERSG demonstrated reductions in reactive and proactive aggression. The present findings suggest ERSG may be an effective cross-cutting strategy to reduce TDV and other forms of violence among high-risk boys and possibly girls. This information provides valuable understanding of TDV and youth violence in high-risk populations and may be useful in tailoring future prevention efforts to different groups of teens. Previous article in issue.

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Historical context[ edit ] The causes of the Crusades in general, and particularly of the First Crusade, is widely debated among historians. While the relative weight or importance of the various factors may be the subject of ongoing disputes, it is clear that the First Crusade came about from a combination of factors in both Europe and the Near East. Its origin is linked both with the political situation in Catholic Christendom, including the political and social situation in 11th-century Europe, the rise of a reform movement within the papacy , [3] as well as the military’s and religious confrontation of Christianity and Islam in the East.

Pisa , Genoa , and the Principality of Catalonia began to battle various Muslim kingdoms for control of the Mediterranean Basin , exemplified by the Mahdia campaign of and battles at Majorca and Sardinia.

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Head-up display A head-up display HUD is a transparent display that presents data without requiring users to look away from their usual viewpoints. A precursor technology to augmented reality, heads-up displays were first developed for pilots in the s, projecting simple flight data into their line of sight, thereby enabling them to keep their “heads up” and not look down at the instruments.

Near-eye augmented reality devices can be used as portable head-up displays as they can show data, information, and images while the user views the real world. Many definitions of augmented reality only define it as overlaying the information. Due to encumbered control, smartglasses are primarily designed for micro-interaction like reading a text message but still far from more well-rounded applications of augmented reality. Brian Blau, Research Director of Consumer Technology and Markets at Gartner , said that “Out of all the head-mounted displays that I’ve tried in the past couple of decades, the HoloLens was the best in its class.

First impressions were generally that such a device might be more useful than a small off to the side display like Google Glass offered with packaged productivity oriented applications [44] [45] Contact lenses[ edit ] Contact lenses that display AR imaging are in development. These bionic contact lenses might contain the elements for display embedded into the lens including integrated circuitry, LEDs and an antenna for wireless communication.

The first contact lens display was reported in , [46] then 11 years later in The company Samsung has been working on a contact lens as well.

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Textum Weaving, Inc. Allcomp focuses our researches in developing and qualifying cost effective composites with short lead time for commercial and advanced applications. CMC exhaust demonstrations have flown on the Boeing and on multiple Sikorsky programs dating .

All participants will be in listen-only mode. Lance Barton Thank you, operator, and good morning, everyone. They will review the Q1 investor presentation that’s available on our IR Web site and then will take questions. These forward-looking statements may be preceded by words such as we expect, we believe, we anticipate or similar statements.

These statements are subject to risks and uncertainties, and our actual results could differ materially from the views expressed today. Some of these risks have been set forth in our earnings release, in our periodic reports filed with the SEC. Thanks everyone for joining our call to review the company’s best results since the IPO back in

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These professionals can help with a wide range of needs. The tools provided here give me such hope that the Lord will accomplish this character change in me. I look forward to being a wife who is consistently loving, kind, and respectful to my husband. I felt exhausted at my failed attempts to escape from pornography and masturbation. I leave feeling hope that true healing comes from intimacy with God, self, and others. I am leaving with a plan which will bring me to victory.

The M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank (MBT) is the namesake of the late General Creighton W. Abrams, former Army Chief of Staff and commander of the 37th Armored Battalion. It is the backbone of the armored forces of the United States military, and several of .

It is an axisymmetric device consisting basically of a submerged vertical tail-tube-fixed to an axisymmetric floater that oscillates essentially in heave. The air flow displaced by the water motion inside the tube drives a self-rectifying air turbine. The possible advantages of using a tube of non-uniform inner cross section are investigated theoretically and numerically, especially as a way of reducing the draught of the device without significantly impairing its power performance.

The unsteady water flow in the tube is modelled as one-dimensional. The frequency-dependent hydrodynamic coefficients of the tube-floater pair were computed with a boundary-element code. A linear air turbine is assumed. The hydrodynamics of the wave energy absorption is analysed in the frequency domain, including the effect of air compressibility in the chamber; special attention is devoted to optimization. Numerical results are presented for device’s performance in regular and irregular waves, including especially optimization of the tube geometry and of the turbine characteristic.

Practical implications of these results are discussed.

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Questions Available within WebAssign. Most questions from this textbook are available in WebAssign. The online questions are identical to the textbook questions .

The Strategic Sourceror on Friday, October 23, Procurement News, Wal-Mart and Amazon have both announced significant numbers of seasonal hires in anticipation of the holiday season, reported MarketWatch. Wal-Mart released a statement in mid-September that indicated the company will be hiring 60, seasonal workers. In a new move by the company, Wal-Mart is presenting current workers with the opportunity to work more hours during the months of November and December.

In previous years, Wal-Mart has not allowed pre-existing employees to tack on additional hours at their choice during seasonal spikes. In addition to sales personnel, Wal-Mart will be bringing additional department managers to over 3, stores in order to deal with the significant increase in online orders with in-store pickups.

The exact number of new Amazon workers in will be , compared to 80, additional hires in In addition to an increase in workers Amazon has been hurriedly creating warehouse and distribution centers in anticipation of holiday ordering levels. The company is aiming to speed up overall delivery times while simultaneously lowering shipping costs to consumers. These new hires by both companies are a smart move considering the predictions for holiday retail sales in These numbers exclude some revenue sources typically included in retail reports such as the auto, gas and restaurant industries.

Ecommerce sales are expected to see a significant increase this season as well.

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Large players such as YY benefit the most from the explosive growth. YY has a solid monetization model that incentivizes spending and maintains high, consistent user traffic. Previously challenged segments such as game broadcast are turning around. There are more high margined business segments that are still under-explored. Current valuation appears cheap when compared with historical valuation level and with other private companies.

 · Data Analysis 1: Prices I n this chapter and the next I will analyze the fifty-five economic time series with respect to the historically defined phase periods of the base dating scheme (cycle time). In this chapter I consider the price series, which include The Spanish series show some degree of fit to the long wave pattern, bu

Body scanners produce detailed, three-dimensional images of individuals. Security experts have described whole body scanners as the equivalent of “a physically invasive strip-search. EPIC said that the program is “unlawful, invasive, and ineffective. EPIC cited the invasive nature of the devices, the TSA’s disregard of public opinion, and the impact on religious freedom. In a statement to the House Homeland Security Committee earlier this year, EPIC warned that biometric identification techniques, such as facial recognition, lack proper privacy safeguards.

TSA , concerning airport body screening. The TSA is considering a requirement to remove books from carry-on luggage for inspection during security screenings. The procedure raises concerns that individuals may be singled out for their religious and political beliefs, implicating core First Amendment values. EPIC has pursued litigation against invasive airport screening techniques. The litigation also led to the removal the backscatter x-ray devices from airports.

In a cursory per curium opinion , the D. DHS II that the TSA had failed to justify body scanners as compared with less invasive, more effective screening techniques, such as magnometers combined with explosive trace detection. Public comments overwhelmingly favored EPIC’s recommendations to the federal agency.

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Army’s MBT program, the first M1 rolled off the assembly line in After two years of acceptance trials, the first of these vehicles was delivered to the US Army on February 28, By , evaluations of field service had prompted the first modification requests, and production shifted to the M1A1. The first M1A1’s were delivered to units in August of The Army has converted older M1s to M1A2s.

An additional M1s are being upgraded to A2s under a five-year contract awarded in FY , with a total of M1 upgrades planned.

These fields include: demographics, dating habits, self-perception across key attributes, beliefs on what others find valuable in a mate, and lifestyle information.

Loading wiki Help us complete this description Edit Author: Ray Fisman and Sheena Iyengar Source: None This data was gathered from participants in experimental speed dating events from During the events, the attendees would have a four-minute “first date” with every other participant of the opposite sex. At the end of their four minutes, participants were asked if they would like to see their date again.

They were also asked to rate their date on six attributes: The dataset also includes questionnaire data gathered from participants at different points in the process. Whether the two persons have the same race or not. How important is it that partner is of same race? How important is it that partner has same religion? How happy do you expect to be with the people you meet during the speed-dating event?

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